Boosters & NCAA Rules Regarding Student-Athletes

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Thanks to the support of our many fans and friends, the University of Arkansas family of student-athletes, coaches, and athletics department stand to become a success both on the field and off. This guide is provided to each member of the Memphis-East Arkansas Razorback Club and the Razorback Foundation, Inc., by mail during the academic year. We have provided it here as a reference for you if you have any questions about what is permissible as a booster.

The NCAA defines a booster as:

* An individual who is a member of the institution's athletics booster club. 

* An individual who has made financial contributions to the booster club or the Athletic Department.

* An individual who is involved in providing benefits (e.g. summer jobs) to prospects or enrolled student-athletes.

* An individual who has been otherwise involved in promoting University of Arkansas (i.e. buying season tickets).

Remember: Once you are identified as a booster, you never lose that identity. 

The University of Arkansas appreciates your interest in our athletics programs. Please join us in our efforts to ensure a successful career at Arkansas for our students and to maintain a high standard of ethical conduct for our athletics program.

NCAA Rules Regarding Student-Athletes 

You May Not provide a student-athlete any benefits or special arrangements.

You May Not provide room and/or board or any type of transportation during the summer for a student-athlete with eligibility remaining. 

You May Not provide room, board, or transportation costs incurred by friends or family of an enrolled student-athlete with eligibility remaining.

You May Not expend funds to entertain student-athletes, their friends or relatives. Things such as buying a soda or a cup of coffee for them could jeopardize their eligibility.

You May Not use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to directly advertise, recommend or promote sales or use of a commercial product or service of any kind. 

You May Not use the name, picture or appearance of an enrolled student-athlete to promote an educational or charitable cause until it has been approved by the Compliance Office.

You May Not provide any payment of expense or loan of any automobile for a student-athlete for any reason. 

You May Not
 provide awards or gifts directly to a student-athlete or his/her family or friends for his/her athletic performance. All awards financed by boosters must first be approved by the athletic department and meet NCAA award requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is a prospective student-athlete?

A prospect is any student who has entered the ninth grade. A student who has not started classes for the ninth grade becomes a prospect if the University of Arkansas provides that individual (or friends and relatives) any financial assistance or other benefits the University does not provide to prospects generally. 

Q: Can a booster contact a prospect or their parents on or off campus?

Boosters cannot have any in-person recruiting contact with a prospect or the prospect's parents or legal guardian (s) or relatives on or off campus at any time. 

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to provide enrolled student-athletes a home cooked meal?

Yes, provided the meal is on an "occasional" basis and any such meal is not at a restaurant. Remember, this is the ONLY time you may transport a student-athlete. Note: All requests must receive prior approval.

Q: Is it permissible for a booster to employ a student-athlete? 

Yes. Please remember that compensation must be paid only for work actually performed and at a rate in that locality for similar services. The athletics department should approve such employment.

What Can Boosters Do?

You May speak to a prospect via telephone ONLY if the prospect initiates the call and the call is not for recruiting purposes. Any athletics related question must be referred to the athletic department.

You May attend high school and junior college athletic events.

You May discuss summer employment arrangements with a prospect after he/she has signed a National Letter of Intent. 

You May attend a public event (e.g. a high school awards banquet or dinner) at which prospects are in attendance. No attempt should be made to recruit the prospect.

You May send to the U of A coaching staff any newspaper clippings or other information about prospects which you think would be of interest. Your assistance this way is very helpful. The coaching staff will then make the contact with the prospect.

You May play "pick up" basketball or softball games, continue neighborhood picnics or backyard barbecues and engage in your normal activities with prospects and their parents who are family friends. Again, you simply ARE NOT PERMITTED to attempt to recruit the prospect or discuss the athletic program. 


If you have any knowledge of any improprieties either intentional or unintentional, let us know so that we may act immediately to take corrective action. The University of Arkansas and all its constituencies are obligated through membership in the NCAA to report all improprieties. Please understand that violations of NCAA rules by alumni and supporters of the University of Arkansas could affect the eligibility of the involved student-athlete and impose sanctions on the University of Arkansas athletics department. 

All student-athlete speaking engagements must be approved in advance by the Athletic Department.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Jon Fagg
Senior Associate Athletics Director
University of Arkansas 
P.O. Box 7777
Fayetteville, AR 72702-7777
Work: (479) 575-7953
Fax: (479) 575-5290